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Antarctica has been the focus of attraction for the world because of its global significance for influencing global weather, its unique position at the south pole, its potential for huge non-living and living resources, and its pristine environment to be used as natural laboratory for scientific research.

Pakistan's interest in Antarctica is purely scientific. Pakistan is keenly interested in Antarctic research and its research activities that is in confirmaty with the SCAR programme. Pakistan has acquired the associate membership of the SCAR and is pursuing and active Antarctic Research programme and successful accomplishment on a part of Pakistan Antarctic Research programme. Pakistan has gained experience, capability and basic logistics by launching of two expeditions. The achievements have strengthened Pakistan capabilities for conducting research in the harsh Antarctic environment useful environmental and Oceanographic data has been collected from the Antarctic region.

Jinnah Antarctic Station

    Trawl Samples

    Scientist with Biological sample

    The main objectives of Pakistan Antarctic programme include:
    1. To undertake multidisciplinary research and survey in Antarctic region particularly in the field of geology and geophysics. Environmental research and oceanography.
    2. To participate in the international scientific programmes in the Antarctic region.
    3. To provide relevant technical information to the Government of Pakistan on Antarctic affairs at National and International level.

    Pakistan is maintaining two summer research stations and one weather observatory in the vicinity of SOR Rondane Mountain Range. Pakistan is also planning to build a full fledged permanent base at Antarctica. It will enable us to start operations in Antarctica throughout Antarctic winter and summer.

    Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan is responsible to run the Antarctic research programme in Antarctica. A Polar Research Cell has been established within National Institute of Oceanography to co-ordinate all Antarctic related activities. A number of national organisations are involved in Antarctic activities and are active participants of Pakistan Antarctic programme.

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